Summer 4-H Programming in Full Swing

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4-H Cooking with Abby participants

Carteret County’s summer 4-H programs are in full swing. There are more classes to come. Round one of cooking and sewing are completed. Round two is set to begin July 14. Please call or stop by the office to check availability and register for open spots. There are still two open spots for boys ages 8-12 for Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Camp in Reidsville, North Carolina the week of August 2-7

Cooking with Abby was great fun for the youth participants. They learned how to make a Farm Fresh Breakfast of quiche, roasted sweet potatoes, fresh strawberry milk, baked apples and fruit filled pastries. All produce was purchased from a local farm stand to show the students what they could get during the early part of the summer. 4-Her Abby Walker instructed the class about kitchen safety, knife skills and sanitation. Abby also talked about what it really meant to be a 4-Her and recruited new members for 4-H.


Mrs. Chris Davis giving instruction on day 1 of Beginning Sewing

Beginners Sewing class included informational lessons on following a pattern and using a sewing machine from threading a bobbin to overcoming common problems that occur while sewing. Participants used the skills they learned from this three day camp to complete a pair of pajama pants by the end of the class.

Please contact the office for more information on upcoming summer 4-H programs or information on joining a 4-H club.