Don’t Get Dragged Down

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For everything we do, there are consequences for our actions. All actions can potentially have positive reactions, negative reactions, or consequences.

Consequences– n.

Something produced by a cause. Something that occurs as a result of something else.

During difficult and challenging times, as well as normal phases throughout our lives, we may have to make decisions that could potentially change our lives. This can be both positive or negative. An example of this could be our diet and nutrition. Depending on what choices we make on a daily basis will determine our outcome. If we make healthy choices, we maintain weight and have healthy minds and bodies. On the other hand, if we eat high fat and too much added sugar we begin to see those negative consequences. We see that we become over weight, we have less energy to do the things we enjoy and have the possibility to increase our chances of chronic disease or illness. As our youth begin to develop into young adults, many actions they make will not only affect them but also their relationships. If a young person chooses to use and abuse alcohol, it not only hurts them with bad grades and harmed health, but the consequences stretch further into their families, friends and others.

Weighed Down Consequences

Our negative consequences have a tendency to weigh down our lives, it takes more positives to balance out the negatives.

Many of our negative consequences weigh us down. They leave heavy emotions that may negatively affect our lives. When we make good decisions, they have a tendency to bring us up, the negative has a tendency to have more weight and takes less to get us down.

Family Activity:

Supplies- cardstock or construction paper, printer paper, yarn, wire clothes hanger, marker, hole punch

Directions- 1. Think of an action that will have consequences, for example an unhealthy diet or perhaps eating healthy or teen drinking.

2. On cardstock write negative consequences and on the printer paper write positive consequences of that action.

3. String up each item using the hole punch and hang like consequences together (cardstock together and paper together) one set on either end of the clothes hanger.

4. What does the negative consequences do to your hanger?

Think about your hanger as your life. We do not want the negatives to out weigh the positives. Let’s all think about ways we can change our lives to make more positive decisions with consequences that will balance out our lives.

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Dee Smith, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDee SmithProgram Assistant- Environmental Education and 4-H Call Dee E-mail Dee N.C. Cooperative Extension, Carteret County Center
Posted on Jun 9, 2020
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