Happy 50th Earth Day

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Happy 50th Anniversary to Earth Day!

Don’t forget Earth Day during this time of social distancing. There are still things that you can do individually or as a family. Think of small things or activities that you can participate in. Here are some ideas that can help you celebrate our Earth.

Topics of Earth Day Activities

1. Educate and Inspire

Educate and Inspire our young people, lead by example in order to inspire positive change of behavior and actions. Read the Lorax and have a family discussion on impacts that we have on the environment.

Cleanup Volunteer2. Protect and Conserve

Along the North Carolina Coast, April is the beginning of the nesting season for colonial nesting waterbirds and many areas of beaches are now protected. Please respect those areas to allow proper protection for these birds. Do not litter and take a few minutes to pick up litter around your house or neighborhood.

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

While doing your weekly shopping think of ways to reduce your plastic packaging. Choose a glass jar over a plastic jar when possible. After using these containers rinse out and either reuse or recycle. What arts and crafts can your family do to reuse some of your household trash? Cancel your junk mail or move to a paperless billing to reduce the amount of trash your family produces.

4.Grow and Plant 

Window Seed PlantingNow is the perfect time for planting many garden vegetables. Growing your own food can reduce your footprint and allow for a sense of pride. Also growing a home garden helps to teach our young people where their food comes from. Plant wildflowers for pollinators or plant a tree in honor of a loved one.

How will you Earth Day this year?