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Shawn Banks

County Extension Director Carteret County Center
Carteret County Office (252) 222-6352 (252) 222-6361 (Fax)
Unity ID:   snbanks

Job Description As the County Extension Director I manage the office budget and personell. I also have responsibilities in Agriculture which include being the Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator, Pesticide Coordinator and Horticulture agent to name a few of my responsibilities.

Website carteret.ces.ncsu.edu/profile/shawn-banks

Street Address
303 College Cir
Morehead City NC   28557
Mail Address
303 College Cir
Morehead City NC   28557

State Courier: 10-41-08

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Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly on honeysuckle

National Pollinator Week 2016

This week, June 20 – 26 of 2016, is national pollinator week.  Why might that be important to you?  Pollination is the process of moving the pollen from the filament (male part of MORE »

top of leaf infected with cucumber downy mildew

Cucumber Downy Mildew

Cucumber Downy Mildew has been diagnosed in Duplin County, North Carolina.  This means the disease is likely to be in our area before the weekend is over.  The disease is spread by spores MORE »

Make Time for Your Lawn

It has been delightful to have the cool days of spring extend all the way into late May.  The flowers bloomed for a long time and the grass has greened up nicely.  Now MORE »

Grapevine after pruning

Delay Pruning Until Late Winter

These warm spells we have throughout the early winter are NOT good times to get out and prune fruiting plants, such as grape vines.  Pruning these plants now can create a situation where MORE »

Raised bed with flowers, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and peas

National Farm to School Month

Did you know that October is National Farm to School Month?  This is the month to celebrate ways that our farmers connect with schools to provide local foods to school cafeterias, teach youth MORE »

Keep birds healthy by registering backyard chickens

July news for backyard flock owners (Copied from July Poultry News, NCDA&CS Veterinary Division) State Veterinarian Doug Meckes announced additional precautions that are being put in place to help North Carolina prepare for a MORE »

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