Local 4-H’Er Takes 1st in Kentucky Virtual Dog Show

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Bethany and Melody at Dog Training

Bethany and Melody at Dog Training

Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service’s 4-H Youth Development Program held the Kentucky 4-H Dog Program 2020 Virtual Fun Show during the month of July. There were three divisions for two age categories. One of those divisions was reserved for youth ages 9-19, who reside outside of Kentucky.

Carteret County 4-H’er, Bethany Copeland, entered the Virtual Dog Show with her dog, Melody. Melody is an 8-year old Boykin Spaniel. Bethany and Melody entered the Best Trick Class where they had three minutes to perform up to five tricks. Youth and their pets were judged on creativity and performance.

Bethany received 1st place in the Junior Out of State Division for Best Trick. Congratulations to Bethany and her canine companion, Melody!

Here, Introduction for Virtual Dog Show Tara Copeland, introduces Bethany and explains the class she is entering. 

In this video, Tricks 1 and 2 for Virtual Dog Show, Bethany shows her first and second tricks with Melody. The first, “Touch,” Bethany describes as a useful recall if your dog is still learning the come command. The second, “High Five” is an alternative to the more common trick of “shake.”

The “Which Hand Game” was trick number three, Trick 3 for Virtual Dog Show. In this game, Bethany places two treats in one hand and one in the other. It is up to Melody to choose the hand that has the most treats.

According to Bethany, “Play Dead” is a classic trick that has been taught to dogs for many years. Bethany demonstrates this trick here, Trick 4 for Virtual Dog Show, with Melody.

The final trick that Melody shows off is her newest trick, “Crawl.” In this video, Trick 5 for Virtual Dog Show, Bethany has Melody crawl to receive a treat.

Melody is one smart pup and Bethany is well on her way to dog trainer extraordinaire. Congratulations to this dynamic duo!