Lawns and Weeds in Harmony

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For most of us, the perfect lawn is a monoculture of one species, trimmed to perfection and gorgeous like a picture of a golf course. However, the reality is a diverse group of plants, many we call weeds, growing in harmony to keep the soil in place and create a green landscape. When we stand back and take it all in, we really can’t tell that there is a diverse group of plants. All we really see is a nicely trimmed sea of green.

It’s when we look closely that we see the weeds. I’ve learned with my own lawn that the few weeds here and there are only noticeable to me, because I know they are there. This month I will find a warm day, when the temperatures are above 60, and apply a lawn weed control product to try remove some of the winter weeds. I’ll do this because I don’t want to mow my lawn in January or February when it’s supposed to be dormant and more brown than green.

During the summer, I will allow the weeds to be there, because a diverse lawn that includes a few weeds can be good for the environment. Either that or I’m just tired of spraying for weeds and I want to enjoy the weather!

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Shawn Banks, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionShawn BanksCounty Extension Director & Extension Agent, Agriculture - Horticulture Call Shawn E-mail Shawn N.C. Cooperative Extension, Carteret County Center
Posted on Jan 7, 2021
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